Up Next: Duke in New York

Two and half years ago I fell in love with the bright lights, towering skyscrapers, and endless possibilities present in the artistic capital of the world, New York City.

During my senior spring break, I spent two weeks in the hustle and bustle of New York City. My decision to spend two weeks in the freezing cold instead of drunk on a beach in Mexico like most of my classmates is what I now consider a great decision. I was able to explore the ins and outs of the city, attend Broadway shows, and most importantly spend time with my loving parents.

During this trip, I learned a lot about myself. Within a few days, I made the decision to move to the city after college. Since that trip, it has been my dream to live in New York City and learn even more about the history and abundance of artistic opportunities it has to offer. Fortunately, I get to make that dream a reality earlier than expected.

In just a few short weeks, on August 25th, my parents and I will be traveling to NYC to move me into my room in Brooklyn. From August to December I will be living in Brooklyn (probably in a room the size of a closet. Good thing I’m not claustrophobic!) and taking classes through both Duke and NYU. I will be learning about the entertainment industry, the history of NYC, and meeting professionals to help guide my career. I hope to make lasting connections and ultimately turn NYC into a place I can call my third home (Kansas City and Durham are my other homes).

Additionally, as a part of the program, we are required to find an internship in the city. After endless hours of networking and job searching, it is my pleasure to announce that I have accepted a position as a Writer’s Research Intern at Saturday Night Live for the fall semester. Starting in September I will be working with the cast and crew of SNL to create hysterical shows each week. This is an incredible opportunity that I am so thankful for and, to be honest, am still SHOOK about!

I am a huge fan of the show and sketch comedy in general. In the past, I have written and produced sketches and scripts of my own and continue to do so. I hope that I will be able to build upon my skills and learn more about the comedy and entertainment industries.

Alongside my internship, I hope to perform improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy in the city. With so many resources at my disposal, I hope to take advantage of the city. I will be seeing as many Broadway and comedy shows as humanly possible in the coming months (this will most definitely break my bank account)! I plan to continue writing and posting updates about my adventures in NYC so stay tuned!

To wrap things up, the picture attached to this post was taken during my senior spring break trip to NYC. But more importantly, it was taken at the top of 30 Rockefeller Center, the location I will be interning at in a few short months. Never in a million years did I think interning at SNL would be a possibility, but here I am.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me on this journey. I can’t wait to see what this new chapter in life will bring me and stay tuned for more updates!

Signing off,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer Herold says:

    So excited and happy for you Sam! This is truly amazing and I know you will get the most of what you can while you are there. Stay safe out there and enjoy. 🙂


    1. Sam Elliott says:

      Thanks Jennifer love and miss you. Hope all is well! Sorry I’m just seeing this!


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