‘Good Burger’ Snubbed Emmy Nomination

On July 9th the 2018 Emmy nominations were released, headlined by a select few television masterpieces. Shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), Game of Thrones (HBO), Westworld (HBO), and Saturday Night Live (NBC) led the pack with more than twenty nominations a piece. Having dominated the ratings over the past twelve months, these series’ astronomical number of nominations came as no surprise to Emmy junkies.

However, the Emmy nominations weren’t all rainbows and unicorns for a few popular shows. In fact, 1997 cinematic standout Good Burger received a shocking, and deeply upsetting, zero nominations. Even though Good Burger is not a television show, nor was it released within the last year, or even the past two decades, critics are calling this the snub of the century.

Good Burger tells the inspirational story of the delusional, out of control Ed (Kel Mitchell) as he teaches the car wrecking criminal Dexter Reed (Kenan Thompson) what it’s like to not be a privileged, lazy high school student. The pair work at the local fast food chain Good Burger and navigate the ways of working in a place that has obviously never been checked by a health inspector. The pair has a change of fortune when Ed creates a special sauce made out of toenail clippings, onion, and urine. As the story unfolds, the two begin to sell Ed’s special sauce with extreme success. However, the neighboring burger joint, Wumbo Burger, attempts to take Ed’s special sauce. The following sequence of events brings the film to a dramatic and sophisticated ending. Good Burger is truly a story for the ages with lots of symbolism and important life lessons packed inside.

I traveled to Los Angeles, California in hopes of interviewing one of the stars from Good Burger, Kel Mitchell. Because this is the only relevant piece of cinematography Mitchell has worked on in the past twenty years, it proved difficult to find him. However, after more than forty-eight hours of intensive searching I found his living quarters. Nestled under a large bridge, a small tent made out of yarn, bamboo, and Hello Kitty stickers displayed a sign that said “Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger.” I immediately knew this to be Mitchell’s residency.

Unfortunately, Mitchell was nowhere to be found. However, I decided to stick around for his return. Duringmy time under the bridge, I spoke with a few of his neighbors and found that they too were devastated by the lack of Emmy nominations Good Burger received. One neighbor in particular, Billy Rae Cyrus, when asked about Mitchell said “Ed was the only person to stick by my side after my daughter Miley ruined my life by writing the song ‘Wrecking Ball’ about me. It’s such a shame his film didn’t receive any Emmy nominations.” After hearing this, I broke the news to Cyrus that “Wrecking Ball” was, in fact, not written about him at all. Needless to say, he was even more devastated than before.

Forty-eight hours later, I decided to give up on my hopes of speaking to Mitchell, and instead entered his make-shift tent. Inside, I found at least fifty jars of pink glop labeled “Ed’s special sauce,” a Good Burger uniform, and a script written in magenta-colored crayon titled “Good Burger 2.” After my disappointing discovery, I headed back home to Kansas City.

With the Emmy Awards set to take place on September 17th, the competition to take home the most awards is fierce. Unfortunately, at this year’s awards we will not be seeing anything from Good Burger. However, it is important to note that critics everywhere are rooting for Mitchell’s Good Burger 2 to fare better next year.






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